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12Cr1MoVG Power Station Boiler Steel Pipe
Source:Xinsteel   Date:2020-04-05
12Cr1MoVG: It is GB5310 standard steel, and it is widely used in domestic high-pressure, ultra-high pressure, subcritical power plant boiler superheater, header and main steam duct. The chemical composition and mechanical properties are basically the same as 12Cr1MoV sheet. Its chemical composition is simple, the total alloy content is less than 2%, and it is a low-carbon, low-alloy pearlite-type heat-strength steel. The vanadium can form a stable carbide VC with carbon, which can make the chromium and molybdenum in the steel preferentially dissolve in ferrite, and slow down the transfer speed of chromium and molybdenum from ferrite to carbide, making the steel It is more stable at high temperatures. The total amount of alloying elements in this steel is only half of the 2.25Cr-1Mo steel widely used abroad, but the endurance strength at 580 ℃, 100,000 h is 40% higher than the latter; and its production process is simple and the welding performance is good. As long as the heat treatment process is strict, satisfactory comprehensive performance and thermal strength performance can be obtained. The actual operation of the power station shows that the 12Cr1MoV main steam pipeline can continue to be used after 100,000 hours of safe operation at 540 ° C. Its large-diameter pipes are mainly used as headers and main steam ducts with steam parameters below 565 ℃, and small-diameter pipes are used for boiler heating surface pipes with metal wall temperature below 580 ℃.