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Stainless steel pipes and profiles daily reviews
Source:Xinsteel   Date:2020-04-11
Pipes: The tubing market today mainly operates at a stable price, and the market rarely adjusts prices. Seamless tube manufacturers offer multiple flat offers. Today's market inquiry status continues. A small number of old customers have placed orders, but the overall volume is not large. The mainstream manufacturers of welded pipes said that today's inquiry is not as good as the previous two days, and customers are still watching. However, with the rising trend of the raw material market slightly, it also activated some market confidence. It is expected that the tube market in the later period will still be dominated by stable prices.
Profiles: The stable price operation of profiles is still the main theme. Mainstream round steel manufacturers do not adjust their prices for the time being. Currently Qingshan 304 is still reported at 11,900 yuan / ton. Inquiries have not changed significantly from yesterday, and there are not many customers placing orders. Flat-angle channel steel manufacturers said that there has been no significant increase in enquiries, and market transactions are tepid. In terms of wire rod, Aoyama was closed today, and Dainan merchants also said that market sentiment was affected by it, and prices may increase. The profile market is expected to strengthen steadily in the later period.