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Stainless steel tube and profile daily review 04-27
Source:Xinsteel   Date:2020-04-28
Pipes: The pipe market as a whole operated steadily. The price stabilization status of seamless pipes is maintained, and the overall enquiries are still indifferent. The pre-holiday stocking sentiment has not been shown in the market. For the news of the closing of Qingshan raw materials in the afternoon, mainstream manufacturers have expressed a wait-and-see attitude and will not easily adjust prices at the end of the month. Welded pipe market quotations are stable. As the holiday approaches, the trading atmosphere also gradually cools, and mainstream manufacturers are mostly hopeful about the May market. It is expected that the tube market in the later stage will still run at a stable price and may be larger.
Profiles: The profile market is still dominated by stable prices. As for round steel, Qingshan closed the market in the afternoon, and traders in the Wuxi market said that the recent resistance to shipments is more obvious. Considering the approaching holiday, the mainstream merchants' willingness to stabilize prices is obvious. In terms of wires, Dainan manufacturers mostly quoted flat prices, and Qingshan opened the closing model in the afternoon. Recently, the market has a strong holiday waiting atmosphere, and the inquiring customers' willingness to place orders is obviously weak. The flat-angle channel steel market is still dominated by price stabilization sentiment, and the recent shipments are general. It is still necessary to observe the rebound in demand after the holiday. It is expected that the post-profile market will continue to operate stably.