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Performance and application of 305 stainless steel
Source:Xinsteel   Date:2020-07-25
305 stainless steel (10Cr18Ni12) is a steel grade developed on the basis of 302 (12Cr18Ni9) stainless steel by increasing the nickel content in the steel. Due to the increased austenite stabilizing element nickel content, its austenite matrix is more stable. After undergoing large cold deformation, 305 stainless steel will not or basically not undergo martensitic transformation, the steel has a small tendency to work hardening, and the permeability of the material changes little.
1. Hot processing: 305 stainless steel has good hot processing performance, without any difficulty in forging, rolling and upsetting. The heating temperature range for thermal processing is 1150-1180 degrees Celsius.
2. Cold processing: Excellent cold forming performance is the biggest advantage of 305 stainless steel, and its work hardening rate is low.
3. Heat treatment: The solution treatment temperature of 305 stainless steel is 1010-1150 degrees Celsius, and it is water-cooled after heat preservation.
Application: 305 stainless steel is most suitable for cold forming processes such as cold heading, deep drawing, spinning and special drawing, which can reduce the number of intermediate softening annealing and reduce manufacturing costs. It is especially suitable for cold-worked parts that require no magnetism.