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Analysis of the Steel market last week
Source:Xinsteel   Date:2014-10-28

According to the analysis, in the construction steel market, although prices overall still continues to rise, but the increase rate has been a marked contraction. Shanghai, Jinan and other places rise the price by 20 to 180 yuan, steel price in Tianjin, Shijiazhuang have down by 20-70 yuan. Currently, the business confidence has turned cautious, market transactions are gradually shrinking.


In the steel plate market, prices overall fell. The price of hot rolled coil decline slightly relativly, the price in Shanghai, Hefei fell by 20-50 yuan week. Price of hot rolled plate in Shanghai market down again after rising at early time, the market traded poor business mentality turned pessimistic, increasing the prices of space.


Plate market overall vulnerable dropping, price in Shanghai, Jinan and other places fell by 20-80 yuan. In Shanghai market, demand gradually weaker, and in turn replenish the resources of new goods into the market, the supply pressure is diminished. Businesses can only wait and see.

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