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SUS316N stainless steel plate and sheet

Brief introduction of SUS316N stainless steel plate and sheet: SUS316N stainless steel, corresponding to national standard 0Cr17Ni12Mo2N, American standard 316N / S31651. SUS316N is to add N to 316 steel to increase the strength while suppressing the decline in elongation performance, which has the effect of reducing the thickness of the material. It is a high-strength material with excellent corrosion resistance.

Stainless steel sheet and plate

SUS316N stainless sheet and coil specification:

Thickness: 1mm-6mm

Width: 500mm-2500mm(cut according to customer’s request)

Length: 500mm-12000mm or coil

Process: HR, CR

Minimum order: 100kg


SUS316N stainless plate specification:

Thickness: 6mm-200mm

Width: 500mm-4200mm