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Daily review of stainless pipe and profile
Source:Xinsteel   Date:2020-03-21
Pipes: The pipe market is generally weak and stable today. In terms of seamless pipes, due to the drop in the price of Qingshan raw materials yesterday, the market price today also slightly adjusted, with a drop of about 200-400 yuan / ton. With the quotation down, market transactions have once again been cold, and downstream procurement is mostly based on rigid demand. The market for welded pipes is slightly calm. Most mainstream manufacturers hold a stable price and wait-and-see attitude. The market trading atmosphere is general and downstream orders are hesitant. It is expected that the pipe market will be based on weak and stable operation next week.
Profiles: The profile market is temporarily stable today. After rounding off the price drop yesterday, Qingshan returned to the state of flat quotation today. The rest of the steel mills have not yet adjusted the price. The market feedback order volume is still difficult to satisfy and the sales target is difficult to achieve. The stable price of flat angle channel steel has been maintained, and market transactions have remained relatively stable. The wire market quotation continues. Mainstream manufacturers indicate that the current downstream demand has not yet fully recovered, and it is difficult to improve the purchasing atmosphere in the short term. It is expected that the profile market will maintain a slight downward adjustment trend in the later period.