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Daily review of pipes and profile
Source:Xinsteel   Date:2020-03-23
Pipe: The pipe market stabilized at the beginning of the week. Following the slight reduction in prices offered by mainstream manufacturers on Friday, the market is now dominated by price stabilization sentiment, but it may be affected by the price adjustment on Friday. Today's market is generally less inquiries and customers are hesitant to purchase. The welded pipe market is mainly based on price stabilization. The mainstream manufacturers indicate that the trading atmosphere is normal and the inquiry is acceptable, but due to the decline in raw material prices, there are not many customers placing orders. It is expected that the pipe market will run weakly and steadily in the later period.
Profiles: The profile market is operating weakly and steadily today. The mainstream manufacturers of round steel have temporarily held a price and wait-and-see attitude. Some manufacturers have reported more inquiries today, but the actual orders are in the minority, and customers wait and see. Flat angle channel steel continued the quotation last week, and the trading status is maintained. The wire market is generally stable. Merchants in Dainan Market report that most of the orders are completed, and there are not many new orders received this month, which puts great pressure on sales. It is expected that the profile market in the later period will be stable and weak.