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China's first hundred million tons of iron mining enterprises inaugurated
Source:Xinsteel   Date:2014-10-13

Anshan Iron and Steel Group's internal integration of iron ore resources by the formation of Anshan Iron and Steel Mining Group inaugurated in the morning of the Oct,11th, which is China's first mining enterprise obtains hundred million tons of iron ore mining capacity.

Anshan Iron and Steel Mining Group integrated by Anshan Iron and Steel group, Liaoning Anshan, Sichuan Panzhihua and a number of overseas mining companies, has proven iron ore resources of over 11 billion tons, over 30 billion tons of potential resources, current iron ore mining capacity and ore processing capacity reached 400 million tons and 120 million tons separately, the amount of resources and production scale in the frontrank of the world and rank first in China, the enterprise can provide with multi-quality ore processing and extraction techniques.

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