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Steel exports volume kept at a high level
Source:Xinsteel   Date:2014-10-15

From beginning of this year, along with the economic of Europe and other developed economies turn warm, the demand of steel in the international market has been restored. Coupled with the lack of domestic demand, steel enterprises have generally increased the export efforts, both quantity and export growth rate reached a record high. China's steel exports maintained a good momentum. According to Customs statistics show that: in September 2014 China's exports volume of steel is 8.52 million tons, increased by 0.76 million tons from last month, up 73.2 percent and hit new record high again.


Now in the situation of high capacity, steel exports once again being taken seriously, although domestic enterprises make a good performance in steel export, there are still many problems to be solved, the first one is trade friction, since the financial crisis, foreign steel markets generally depressed, foreign governments In order to protect their own industries, foreign governments initiating the anti-dumping frequently. At present, Chinese export enterprise face more and more trade frictions and trade frictions are being transferred from developed countries to developing countries.

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