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The first equipement of rolling super strength steel plate officially put into operation in China
Source:Xinsteel   Date:2013-09-29

Recently,the first finishing equipement developed by the Chinese Heavy Academy of rolling hot-rolled super strength steel plate and heavy coils offically put into operation in Eastern Special Steel Group.It would improve more efficience in processing high strength steel plates which widely be used in marine engineering, nuclear engineering, pressure vessels and other areas and greatly reduce the cost of investment.

Compared with conventional finishing equipements,Xinsteel Industrial would like to introduce this combined roller units broke four problems:High strength incoming steel materials and wider thickness range, the highest tensile strength up to 1600MPa which is 2-3 times higher than traditional stainless steel. Incoming steel materials thickness in the range 0.7-12.7mm, the maximum thickness and the minimum thickness ratio (thickness deviation ratio) was 18.1, far beyond the conventional finishing machine set range 6-8; Higher precision,the high shear strength of 10mm thick steel, unilateral scrap shear width of only 10mm, while the traditional unit is about 30mm, length is 6000mm length transverse shear plate when error is less than 3mm, while the traditional unit is approximately 10mm.Precision has been increased more than 3 times.

Smooth operation of the project filled the blank of the domestic steel plate super heavy volume, vertical and horizontal cutting combined unit, blank and marking the China Heavy Academy reached domestic leading level in this field,laid a solid foundation for super strength steel plate finishing equipment to further promote.






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