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Application of stainless steel in rail transit
Source:Xinsteel   Date:2020-06-30
The application prospect of stainless steel in rail transportation is broad, and the demand for stainless steel will continue to increase. Stainless steel is not only used as a station decoration in rail transit, as long as it is used to manufacture rail vehicles. At present, the semi-stainless steel car body is made of stainless steel, and the corrosion-resistant parts of the car body are made. The body of the all stainless steel passenger car can be made of stainless steel except for a small number of structural parts. The steel types are 12CrNi7(301) and 06Cr19Ni10 (304) For stainless steel, the amount of stainless steel plates for each vehicle is 9-10 tons.
022Cr17Ni7 (301L) and 06Cr19Ni10 (304) stainless steel cold-rolled sheets for stainless steel car bodies (of which 301L stainless steel accounts for 70%), the materials and grades are 301L-LT, 301L-DLT, 301L-ST and 06Cr19Ni10 (304), requirements The carbon content of 022Cr17Ni7 (301L) is <0.03%.